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GIVEAWAY TIME! to celebrate reaching 500 followers i made a little something special for one of you lucky lovelies and i’ll post it out to you in a pretty little parcel free of charge. aaaaand here it is! i’m terrible at keeping secrets so i’m amazed this stayed a mystery for more than a day… it took a spectacular amount of will power but i can wait NO LONGER! this exclusive, hand embroidered piece of wall art is up for grabs to one of my lovely followers. to be in with a chance, just reblog this post and keep your fingers crossed :)


  • must be following moi (shinyfabulousdarling) - i will be checking!
  • REBLOG this post, likes don’t count 
  • NO giveaway blogs
  • maximum 3 entries per blog, you can reblog more than that if you want to but please don’t spam your lovely followers. 
  • closes 7th October (because it’s my birthday - YAY)
  • i’ll announce the winner shortly after that and message them to get an address so you’ll need to have your ask box open and a mailing address for me to send it to.
  • for extra special brownie points you can also like me on facebook or check out my other tumblr

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TRIBAL BOHO Bohēmiska stila matu lenta izšūta ar smalkām mežģīnēm, stikla kabašoniem metāla ietvaros un kontrasta krāsu Čehu pērlēm. Tas ir stāsts par barokālu skastumu, kas ir uzkarsis rudenīgajā saulē, kā rozes pumpus, kas gatavojas sprāgt krāsainā eksplozijā.

Izšuvums - 24 x 7 cm

Katra lenta - 48 cm (katrā galā ir pa vienai lentai)

Kopīgais garums - 120 cm

Svars - 30 grami

Cena: 39 EUR

Šo smalko rotu iespējams lietot dažādi - kā matu lentu, aproci, kaklarotu vai jostiņu. :)



FINISHED! i didn’t think it was, i had intended to add a thin black outline to the roses but i tried it twice in different thicknesses and unpicked it both times - i just didn’t like it - so here it is, finished, way earlier than anticipated. it’ll be going up for sale in my etsy shop just as soon as i get my act together and get it online. which will be soon… very soon.

progress pictures and more of my work are on tumblr, flickr and facebook

sorry for the lack of exciting new photos of my own work this past couple of weeks - i’m working on one EPIC embroidery (which may well take me the rest of my life, more on that later) and a bunch of other stuff, (like trying to get my etsy shop sorted and online so you lovelies can buy things) so i don’t have much to post… in the meantime there will be loads of good stuff off other amazing embroidery artists and if you really want to you can check out my other thingamajigs (links below) or have a gander at some of my older work here

i have a pinterest full of goodies

another tumblr, in case you also happen to be obsessed with geometry and tattoos

a flickr

aaaand i’m on facebook, come say hi!